Friday, March 7, 2008

Structural Testing in SDLC

Continuing on the Structural Testing:

  • More powerful form of test is Path Coverage
  • This strategy ensures that all statements in the program are executed at least once and conditional statements are tested for both true and false cases
  • The starting point is to derive a program flow graph
  • A flow graph consists of nodes representing decisions and edges showing flow of control
  • Tester must not be seduced into thinking that such testing is adequate
  • Cyclomatic complexity is a measure of the program's control complexity. The data complexity is not taken into account
  • Program fragments which are equivalent in function may not have the same cyclomatic complexities
  • It is generally true that the # of paths through a program is proportional to its size. Thus, as modules are integrated into systems, it is unfeasible to use structural testing techniques.

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